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Frequently Asked Questions

The manufacturing time has been changed !! 
We had to increase the manufacturing time for custom mobiles and stock due to high demand. Thank you for your understanding . 

Modified manufacturing times
personalized mobile:
  22 working days
Mobile stock:
  15 working days

1.   What are the delivery times ?  : Once the product is manufactured, a delay of 3-5 working days for delivery in Quebec

2.   What is the price of personalized mobiles?  : The cost is $ 160.00. The number of pendant varies between 8-10 according to your wishes. A $ 15 delivery charge applies.

3.   What can we customize?  : You can choose the number of pendants that will be in your mobile. The price will vary depending on your choice. You can choose your fabric, the shape of the mobile head, the shapes of the pendants (eg bear, cloud, deer) as well as colored or neutral beads (white, gray, wood).

4.   What are the manufacturing times?  : It takes 15 working days for stock mobiles and 22 working days for personalized mobiles from payment for the manufacturing time.

5.   Is there a music option on your mobiles? Yes, we have a built-in bluetooth speaker system. You can put your favorite playlist to put baby to sleep.

6.   How can we hook the mobile?  : The mobiles have a clip located at the top of the mobile. Just aim for a hook for drywall ceilings. For suspended ceilings, you can get hooks designed for this purpose in any hardware store.

7.   Is it possible to make changes on an existing mobile?  : Yes, all our models presented on our social networks can be recreated in your image. We can change the fabric and pendant to match your decor.

8.   Can I choose the color of my antlers? Yes, however, no wood is stained. The color of the woods remains natural. However, there are more grizzled hues, warm natural woods, and more orange ones.

9.   I would like to have a particular model of pendants but I do not see any anywhere on your sites. What to do ?  : We can create the animal, object of your choice. Charges may be added.

10.  What is the cost of delivery?  : The price of delivery varies depending on your purchase.

11.  Do manufacturing times increase if we make changes to an existing mobile? No, the delivery time for each mobile is the same whether it is created or existing.

12.  What is the total height of the mobile?  : The total height varies between 3.6 inches and 4.6 inches depending on the number of pendants.

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